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Where ambitious creators and makers come to build ventures together

Amazing Things Happen When

Awesome People

Get Together

It's time to

Maker's House is where Europe's top talent comes to connect in person

If you are a creator or maker with entrepreneurial ambitions and want to level up

This is the


for you.

Doesn’t it often seem like they have more fun in the U.S and Europe is always missing out…

Silicon Valley?


The Avengers?

Well, no more need for any FOMO!

Join The Residency

Maker's House is about the magic that happens when ambitious minds come to live together.

Set in a location where epics and legends are made. Join us for a 4 Week Residency in Croatia designed to foster collaboration and project launches.

The House will feature some amazing guest speakers and mentors. Through community events, fireside chats, in-house experts, Twitch stream and some coffee...

It's time to come together to forge a European startup network of makers and creators.

This isn't just a house. It’s a home for building a lifelong community of creators and makers wanting to become category defining entrepreneurs.

House One

September 4 - October 3

Applications Now Open

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Feat. some amazing folks

Learn from some world-class guest speakers and mentors

It's Time To

⭐️ Accelerate your project

⭐️ Collaborate with brilliant minds

⭐️ Level up your creating or building

⭐️ Hold campfire chats on the intellectual frontier

⭐️ Start a Renaissance for European Entrepreneurs

⭐️ Walk away with a project you wouldn't have imagined

⭐️ Enjoy the outdoors!

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